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After several years of building and revitalization, the Port of Oshawa enters into a new phase this year, when that expansion is expected to translate into new port customers.

"The Port of Oshawa is really coming into its own," said Donna Taylor, CEO of the Oshawa Port Authority. "With expansion drawing to completion, the port is in an ideal position to offer industry every advantage."

Over the past several years, the port has been in building mode. It’s made substantial investments in several new projects, including a $2.5 million cargo pad on the east port lands, the East Wharf Consolidation Project that provides additional berth for ships, and a multi-million dollar rail spur, all of which allow the port to handle more cargo.

With the start of this year’s shipping season still well over a month away, companies are already making arrangements for their ships to be among the first into the Port of Oshawa.

"Ships are lining up, and several companies have expressed an interest in bringing their business to the port," said Gary Valcour, Chair of the Oshawa Port Authority. "The seaway hasn’t opened, and already we’re off to a great start."

Each year, the port handles an average of $23 million worth of cargo, from steel and asphalt to grain. Steel led cargo volumes in the port of Oshawa last year, with demand driven by condo and car builders. Over 167 thousand metric tonnes of steel moved through the port, well up from last year’s 94 thousand metric tonnes. In the St. Lawrence Seaway, grain made up the largest cargo volumes, after Prairie farmers recorded a bumper crop.

Local farmers have been inquiring about moving their grain through the Port of Oshawa. As congestion gets worse on GTA highways, farmers and businesses recognize the competitive advantages of shipping through the Port of Oshawa.

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